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ClickerVision is an exciting series of media-rich, video-based curriculum materials for early learners of all abilities. A combined initiative from Crick Software and Espresso Education, this unique series of Clicker-powered materials offers a new approach to teaching and learning, perfect for use on an individual computer or an interactive whiteboard.

There are currently two titles: Food and Weather. Each CD-ROM is packed full of video clips, newspaper articles and curriculum activities.


This title focuses on food. It includes engaging 'vox pops' video clips of children talking about their likes and dislikes. There are three strands looking at healthy eating, likes and dislikes, and school dinners.


This CD-ROM focuses on how weather affects us and includes excellent news videos about weather extremes, including floods and heatwaves. There are three strands looking at hot, wet and cold weather.

The video clips are all viewed within Clicker, making them accessible for all pupils. There is news footage, carefully edited to make it easy to understand; and video clips of children giving their views, specially shot for the series.

Original newspaper articles have been simplified to enable early readers to access real-world printed media. As the articles are presented within Clicker, children can hear the text spoken with the words highlighted as they are read, developing reading skills.

The video and newspaper materials are supported by a wide range of differentiated Clicker activities, which enable children to respond to the stimulus materials. There are activities at pre-reading, word, sentence and text levels.


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